5 reasons not to complete your own basement Renovation

If you are keen at completing DIY jobs around the home you may be tempted to undertake a basement renovation yourself.  After all, at first glance the project may seem similar to others you have completed; just larger.  However, there is much more involved in successfully completing a basement renovation than your average room make-over.  In fact, a basement renovation can be one of the most complex projects undertaken when dealing with a house.  It is advisable to at least speak to Basement Finishing Company before you start drawing up your project plans.

  1. Cost

Although you may be surprised at how little a professional firm will charge you, there is a good chance that your initial sums will convince you that doing it yourself is a much cheaper option.  However, unless you know exactly what you are getting into it is highly likely that your calculations will not take into account several key factors.  These can be expensive additions to your project and, when combined with ongoing repairs, is likely to mean it would have been cheaper to get the professionals to do it in the first place.

  1. Utilities

The basement will have electrics in it, plumbing and even drainage facilities.  It may also house the furnace and provide heat to the rest of the house.  To create a well finished basement renovation you will need to hide the visible pipes.  However, some of these will still need to be accessed in the future and others will need to be lagged or provided with plenty of ventilation.  A professional will know which needs which and be able to plan for these factors before the work is started.

  1. Structure

Your basement supports the rest of your house.  Whilst there may not be obvious load bearing walls they may still exist.  A professional basement renovation specialist will know which walls can be moved and which will need additional support to ensure the safety of your home.  This is not something that you want to hit and hope!

  1. Insurance

It is important to look at what your household insurance allows you to do and what it doesn’t.  Many policies do not allow homeowners to adjust electrics or drainage systems without a recognized qualification.  There is little point saving money by doing an excellent job of the basement renovation project only to find the funds will not be reimbursed after a disaster has struck.  It can even invalidate the insurance for your house and cost you much more than the basement renovation would have.

  1. Time

The final item to consider is how precious your time is.  Every moment spent doing the basement renovation is a time lost with your family which can never be reclaimed.  Alongside this your limited available time will ensure the project progresses slowly.  It can be much quicker and effective if you allow the professionals to complete the basement renovation whilst you enjoy time with your family.  The longer it takes to do it the more stress and anxiety you will feel as your family expect it to be completed.