4 Signs You Urgently Need Septic Service

Disease causing organisms can be spread from improperly disposed, or poorly maintained sewage. A sewer system to be appropriately maintained, all faulty parts must be mended on time.

Most residential homes and commercial premises have septic systems. Septic systems are conventional in rural and congested urban settings. The systems need routine septic service to have optimum performance.

Various septic systems exist. Although they’re designed for specific areas, they operate on similar principles. A typical septic system comprises a drain field, a distribution box, and a septic tank. Conveyance line connects the three components to each other.

Usually, a septic system temporarily holds wastewater in its septic tank to separate light scum and solids from wastewater as the first primary treatment process. Bacteria then break down the solid matter.

Treated wastewater flows from the tank into the system’s distribution box and separates into different drain field trenches. Each line has drainage holes that drain sewer into gravel-filled trenches. The effluent sips little by little into the soil for subsequent purification and treatment.

Before septic systems fail, they show signs that should not be ignored. Here are four of them.

  1. Foul Smell

An efficient septic system usually contains gases, solids, and liquids in its pipes and tank. If you notice a foul smell in your compound, that may be emanating from your drain field, it’s time to examine and repair. If the odor is from the inside, there may be a sewage backup issues. Contact certified technicians to fix your septic tank.

  1. Toilet Back-up

If sewer smells remains unaddressed, the sink or toilet can back-up. It indicates that the septic tank is overloaded or damaged. You need essential septic service to prevent wastewater from entering flowing in resulting to extensive water damage.

  1. Slow Sink and Tub Drains

A clogged drain might be because of food waste blocking the drainage pipe. You can solve it using a plumbing auger. However, if all your bathtubs, sinks and showers have slow drainage, it may be due to a backed-up or damaged pipe. It’s advisable to address the slow drains promptly.

  1. Wet Spots in a Drain Field

Plumbers recommend checking out your yard regularly for wet spots. Stagnant water often indicates that the drain field is inefficient. Also, the occurrence of green grass is a key symptom of a damaged septic tank. Sewage leak increases the nutrient content in the drain field leading to the growth of green grass.

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