3 Things to Consider when Installing an Automated Laundry System

Nowadays, many Singaporean citizens live in condos or HDB flats, small spaces that don’t have outdoor areas. This lack of space can make it challenging to dry your clothes when you do laundry. Some are fortunate enough to have balconies, which they can use as an area to air dry their clothes, but not all flats or condos have that luxury. Luckily, there are ways to fix this. While many people use dryers, getting an automated laundry system is another way.

An automated laundry system has a rack to hang your wet clothes. It then circulates air to help dry your clothes efficiently, so you can air dry them without hanging them outside. If you’ve decided to get an automated laundry rack, here are a few things to consider before installation.

1. Space

An automatic clothes hanger is relatively small, but you still need to plan where to put it to ensure you have space. You may not have to worry about this much since your preferred vendor will likely send a consultant to measure the area where you plan to install your laundry system. They can help you decide on a new installation area if it’s too small. However, if they don’t send a consultation, ensure that you make measurements yourself.

2. Power Needed

Depending on the model of your automated laundry rack in Singapore, it may require a higher amperage power than your other appliances. Expect many laundry racks to require up to 15 amps of power. Before you install your laundry rack, ensure that your electrical outlet is powerful enough to deliver that much power to your laundry rack.

3. Room Placement

Consider the room where you’ll be putting your automatic clothes hanger. For example, does it have too much open air? Open air can interfere with the process of your new hanger’s hot air circulation. Is the room so crowded with other appliances or clutter that you can’t move freely? If so, it’ll be more challenging to put clothes in and out of the rack, so look for an area with more space. The extra space can give any maintenance workers room to work in case your laundry rack system from Singapore needs its maintenance check.

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