3 Reasons a Moving Storage Company Is the Right Choice

If you’re facing a move soon, you have several choices for how you do it. You can do it all yourself: do all the packing, rent a truck, and drive to your new home. You can hire a traditional full-service moving company to do all this for you. Or you can do any number of things anywhere in between, from hiring wholesale packaging company on Craigslist (pro tip: don’t), to shipping your earthly goods in packing pods or freight trailers. But the best way to move, hands down, is enlisting the help of a moving storage company. Here are 3 reasons why.

Moving and Storage Go Hand in Hand

Most people facing a move also need access to storage. If you’re listing your house for sale, you may need off-site storage while your house is being staged. If you’re sending some belongings ahead to your destination before you move, you’ll need a place to keep those, too. And if your sale and purchase don’t line up perfectly timing-wise, you may need storage for more than just a little extra clutter. In these cases, the best choice is to use a moving storage company that handles both sides of things, the moving and the storage. This is far more efficient than trying to handle two separate companies.

Fit More in your Storage Units

Moving storage companies offer a perhaps unexpected synergy: you can actually fit more in your storage units, saving you money on storage space. How? Consider how inefficiently most people pack their storage units. (Tune in to one of those reality shows about storage units if you don’t know what we mean!) But if you’re working with a moving storage company, your belongings will already professionally packed, many in boxes. You’ll be able to fit more stuff into less space when that stuff is professionally packed.

The Buck Stops Here

Look, everyone has heard a moving horror story or two, and you want to avoid having one of your own. Reducing the number of parties involved in your move can help. If you have one company packing, another storing, and a third one shipping, they’re going to pass the buck if something goes wrong. But with just one company handling all aspects of your move, the buck stops with them. They are likely to work harder at getting things right (or, in the rare case that they don’t, making things right), because their sole reputation is on the line.

Hiring a moving and storage company like adtmoving is a great way to reduce your hassle, save on storage space, and rest assured that your movers won’t blame-shift. Contact a moving storage company in your area today.