3 Maintenance Tips After Getting Your Aircon

Nowadays, almost every household needs an air conditioner, especially during summer. Each summer brings hotter temperatures than the last, which means aircon is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. If you’ve never had an aircon before but now have to buy one, you may need to learn how to take care of it properly. Your aircon is in your care as soon as the Mitsubishi aircon installation services in Singapore finish installing it. Here are some critical tips for taking care of your air conditioner and ensuring it lasts long. 

1. Save Money by Using a Used Aircon

Nowadays, buying a new air conditioner can get pricey. If you, a family member, or a friend has an old and unused air conditioner, you’ll be able to have one for your home for free or at a low price. You can also check online if people are selling their old air conditioners. Call aircon services to make the aircon clean and working again and ask about the aircon chemical overhaul. They’ll be able to clean every part of your new aircon inside and out and even get it working as if it were brand new.

2. Get It Washed Regularly

It’s essential to the aircon’s health to keep it clean. Ensure you always wipe it down and wash or replace its filters regularly. However, there will always be a few pieces of the aircon system that you won’t be able to reach. This situation is when you book an appointment for a chemical wash. You can book this appointment at least once a year to keep your aircon in shape. The aircon chemical wash price in Singapore is from one service to the next, so ask for the lowest price.

3. Contact Specialised Aircon Experts

Certain aircon brands may have unique parts and mechanisms that other air conditioners don’t have, so you may need an aircon expert who deals with your aircon brand. For example, if Daikin is your air conditioner’s manufacturer, you’ll need an aircon repair service that offers Daikin aircon service, so they know how to handle your aircon.

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