Five Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Estonia

Estonia is a well-designed and beautiful country with an independent history. The buildings in Estonia are thousands of years old. This country is extremely modern but still reminds you of old places due to its wonderfully preserved architecture. The country provides a safe and amazing environment to its residents.

The cost of living in Estonia is low, and you do not need to spend so much on buying stuff. The price of real estate varies from city to city. You can buy cheap property at affordable prices in many cities. Here is a list of the five cheapest places to buy property in Estonia

  1.     Valga

It Is a small town located in southern Estonia and the capital of Valga country. It is a simple city, where Estonians and Latvians used to live with Russians and Germans.

This city has the only railway station which transports from Estonia to Latvia. It has a military museum; it is a cozy and elegant town and an interesting place for tourists to visit.

If you are staying in town for a long period, you will get to know about the culture of Valga. It is a great place for those people who like to have a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. The property is also available at affordable prices. You can buy a low-priced apartment at an average price of 30,000 EUR.

  1.     Saue

It is a small town in north-western Estonia. This town is close to Tallinn, only 18 km away from the capital of the county. This town has become a place to be visited frequently by residents of Tallinn who want to stay close to nature and near to the big city. There are many interesting places to discover in this town, and it is being drawn by tourists lately.

This property is also available at low prices here. The people who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of its neighbor city can buy cheap property at an average starting price of 25,000 EUR here.

  1. Paide

It is a small city in Estonia; this city was founded in 1291. It has many interesting buildings and is best known for castles.

You can discover so many amazing places, ancient history and culture here. You can visit this city one day; there is Paide castle, Turi museum, churches, and many other beautiful places. The city provides a peaceful environment to its residents. You can buy property at an average price of 20,000 EUR here.

  1.     Haapsalu

It is a seaside resort town situated on the west coast of Estonia. This peaceful and friendly town is located a two-hour drive from the capital. It is a small but wonderful town with narrow streets, a small-town hall, long-standing history, and many holiday destinations.

Many residents and foreigners like to visit and live in this place. The real estate is also very affordable, and there are numerous small and cheap apartments that you can buy and live in whenever you want. On average you can buy a small one-bedroom apartment at the price of 18,000 EUR.

  1.     Elva

It is a small town in Estonia, situated in South-Estonia, it has two larger lakes, this town is popular in summer and provides well-developed beach areas. There are many interesting hiking trails and places for the visitors.  Elva is a great vacation destination.

You can buy property in all ranges here and stay here whenever you feel like it. They can buy cheap property at an average price of 15,000 EUR.