Why It’s Important to Check on an 11-Month Warranty Inspection for Water Leaks

Before the 11th month of your new home’s warranty expires, it’s imperative to schedule an inspection. Here’s why. If you live in the Carolinas, you’re most likely responsible for more than just a blown warranty; you also want to ensure there are no other problems. If you notice a leak, it might not be time to worry about the warranty – it’s easy to make the mistake of not having an inspection done!

Why you should schedule an 11-month warranty inspection

If you own a home, you should schedule an 11-month warranty inspection. These inspections are crucial because they identify problems that can lead to costly repairs. Ideally, the inspector should come within three to four weeks of your builder’s warranty expiring. The inspector will provide an inspection report highlighting any problems they have found and a photo of the problem.

Why you should get a builder warranty inspection before the warranty expires

While a builder’s warranty is a great benefit, if you discover a water leak or other problem after the warranty expires, you’ll have to pay for it. In addition, many new homeowners are unsure how to get a home inspection, which could save you thousands of dollars over time.

Typically, a new home has a one-year builder warranty covering the materials and service quality. However, experts recommend having a water leak inspection before the warranty runs out so you can find hidden damage or issues. 

Why you should schedule an 11-month warranty inspection for water leak

A warranty inspection is a process that is done on a home before the builder’s warranty expires. The warranty on a new home is typically 12 months, but it may be extended up to 2 years. 

An 11-month inspection can reveal any problems that the warranty may cover. The inspector’s goal is to provide visually accessible information about issues with your home and alert you to them in time to make a warranty claim. When scheduling this inspection, try to schedule it with at least three to four weeks left until the warranty expires so that you can claim the warranty for any problems found.

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