What to Know Before Moving to Brussels ?

Brussels is now over 1,000 years old. And it’s still thriving. Their city has nineteen municipalities. They all brim in style as the throne of the Belgian government – as well as the administrative hub of the EU. Expats can visit these nice neighborhoods(communes) on a bus.

Whether expat or citizen, the presence of fun in Brussels is outrageous. It has distinct beer, as well as world-popular pancakes and chocolates.

Yes, Brussels is loaded with lots of surprises, from its rich culture to enthralling countryside, breathtaking boulevards, and impressive monuments. All of which are well graced annually, at any time.

What do you need to know before relocating to Brussels? Keep reading to uncover.

3 Things to Consider Before Relocating to Brussels

Brussels offers a lot of business opportunities. Below are a few key things to think about when moving to Brussels.

  • The language(s)

There are three official languages in Belgium. They include German, Dutch, and French. Even if you live in Brussels, you may not realize that Dutch is the majority language of the nation.

Yes, Dutch is from the Netherlands. It’s likewise spoken in Belgium by the Flemings in the Northern region – called Flanders. The people speak Flemish, according to some people. And that’s a form of the Dutch language – the Belgian Dutch. It’s slightly different from the Netherlands Dutch because it has special pronunciations and expressions – just like there is a slight difference between American English and British English.

  • Food and drink

If you live like a Belgian, you won’t get fat.

You’ve most likely heard that Belgium is the place where there is brew, a few hundred of them, as well as chocolate (creating 173,000 tons annually). Toss Belgian waffles and fries in the mix, and you quickly begin to think if that won’t add about 5kg to your frame in the first month. No, you won’t – if you do like the Belgians do.

Certainly, Belgium is perhaps the greatest maker of chocolate on this planet, yet that doesn’t mean it is among the greatest buyers or consumers. However, the world’s driving selling point for chocolate is Brussels Airport, so a great deal of that sweet stuff is returning home with travelers.

  • Taxes

The multitude of legislatures cost cash. Belgium has a minor tax rate that goes as high as fifty-four percent, positions number one among OECD nations for the most noteworthy tax rates. The social security rate is 13% for employees. And for businesses, it is 35%. It’s up to eleven percent for the municipal taxes. While capital gains duty of up to thirty-three percent.

The nation has the most noteworthy duty and social security burden on the planet; each taxpayer brings back home less than forty-five percent of their actual pay. For those in the higher levels of pay bring back home less than forty percent.

There is a more splendid side to the system of tax in Belgium. However, with the aid of a remarkable social security framework ranks the nation is positioned among the most elevated on the planet in proportions of prosperity.


Moving to Brussels will be a great adventure. The language and culture are amazing. Food and lifestyle are also favorable. You will benefit from the social security system offered by the government. There are other things to consider, but first, get familiar with these. Finally, flat rental in Brussels is not a problem if you contact a good real estate firm.