What to Expect in California If You Have a Rodent Problem

Getting rid of rats is difficult, and if you have a large number of them of varying ages, you have a few possibilities. Most of the time, dealing with rodents entails dealing with mice, rats, and occasionally smaller rodents, but mice and rats will be your primary concerns. You’re fortunate if you don’t know how terrible a mouse issue can get. We’ll go over what to expect if you have a rodent infestation.

Pest Control for Rats & Mice in Los Angeles, CA

Rats and mice are among the most intelligent pests you’ll ever encounter. They can travel swiftly from one location to another and remember where food is because their thoughts can replay where food is. Mice and rats are unwelcome guests in the home since their excrement is hazardous to your health. Rat management can be difficult since rats are so intelligent and sly that they can roam about your home without being discovered.


Mice are the smallest of the two most frequent rodents you may encounter. Mice have a lot of offspring quickly, and those babies grow up quickly, so you might have an infestation before you realize it. They are tiny, fast, and may bite. They do a lot of damage, such as nesting in stoves and ovens and chewing on wires in walls, which increases the likelihood of your property catching fire due to electrical difficulties. There are several methods for removing mice from your house, but it is typically preferable to employ a professional pest control firm such as ours.


Rats are substantially larger and frequently meaner than mice. They may grow much larger and reproduce at the same pace as mice. A variety of variables will be considered while selecting this location. Some locations, for example, have rodents the size of small dogs. They are both dangerous and malicious. When they bite you, they cause more harm than a regular mouse. Tearing insulation from the walls to build nests and then allowing their young to reside in your walls Rats, mice, and other rodents such as squirrels may do significant damage to your property and potentially endanger your health and life.

Obtaining Expert Assistance

Rats and mice may spread disease and cause property damage, which is dangerous to people’s health and safety. Unfortunately, these pests are notoriously difficult to eradicate, and people frequently require the assistance of professional pest control services in Los Angeles, CA. Reliable and professional rodent control services can help get rid of rats quickly and effectively, limiting future damage and keeping people and property safe. Furthermore, these services may assist in identifying flaws in a home that may allow pests to return in the future. To preserve their investment, a company or household should pay for rodent control services.

Tanler Termite and Pest Control specialize in getting rid of mice and rats, among other things. Our trained crew can determine what type of rodent is in your house and remove it as quickly as possible, allowing you to return to normalcy. If you suspect that you have rats in your home, please contact us immediately so that we can capture them and eliminate the problem. So, please visit our website or call us right now to learn more about how we can assist you in dealing with rats.