What Can a Leaking Pipe Do?

Many people may be irritated by leaks. It’s annoying to hear about their continual leaks. However, they have a chance to become a bigger issue in the future. To summarize, these issues will not go away on their own; although you may be able to treat them on occasion, professional aid is always preferred.

A tiny leak may suggest more severe difficulties with your drainage and plumbing systems; hence, neglecting the situation will result in much more severe problems than you imagined. Before you ever hear a “ker-plop” in your Port St. Lucie home, have First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air evaluate your pipes. Their sharp eye and intensive drain cleaning can save you from a future wet and wild calamity.

What Causes a Leak to Form?

Leaks can happen in any room of your house at any moment. This suggests that you could be impacted for a variety of reasons:

  • Although pipes can last for decades, they are prone to degradation. Cold temperatures can induce pipe expansion and contraction, which can lead to fractures.
  • As a result, metal pipes rust and degrade.
  • If your water pressure is excessively high, a buildup may form, increasing the probability of a pipe break.
  • Furthermore, poor installation is rather standard. Ensure that your plumbers, such as the First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air team, are well-equipped and experienced.

A leak can be detected by higher water bills, leaking sounds, or a dramatic shift in water meter levels. Keep an open mind and a keen ear for any of these possible outcomes.


If you ignore pipe leaks, you risk the following costly problems:

Mold Development

If a pipe leak continues to spread, you may notice water gushing through your walls and ceilings. Mold, which lives on moisture, can start to grow and discolor various portions of your home. It is not only unpleasant to look at and smell, but it may also pose health problems.

Exposure to mold over a long time may cause respiratory issues. This is especially harmful to people who have asthma or COPD. Over time, you will also spend significant fees for carpet cleaning and mold eradication.

Discoloration and Warping

Even if you don’t have carpets in your house, water seepage can ruin their appearance. Hardwood flooring has a limited lifespan; if it gets wet, it deteriorates quickly. As a result, they can get warped or even worn out.

Water leaks in your walls and ceiling, as previously noted, might produce yellowing or browning. If the problem is not resolved, cracks or entire sections of your roof could fall through.


Flooding is the greatest hazard that can occur if leaks are not repaired. Because of the leak, your pipe may eventually crack and break. This water will run directly through any preexisting cracks or holes in your property. Your basement is more likely to flood because water like to circulate in low areas.

Flooding might be concerning since quick repairs are difficult. Valuable items may be ruined in an instant, and if this happens frequently enough, the damage may spread to other sections of your home. In addition to the expenses of flood restoration, the costs of the objects that must be replaced should be considered. Certain items, such as pictures, are irreplaceable, but memories are priceless.

How to Deal With Leaks

You must remain on top of things because there is so much at stake when your faucet starts dripping or your pipe bursts. Being attentive includes being conscious of what you flush, putting down your garbage disposal, and avoiding putting chemicals down drains.

However, if it is insufficient or you want assistance with your pipes, the best answer is to contact First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air. They have been A-rated by Angie’s List for seven years in a row and are Port St. Lucie’s water leak detection company of choice.

Their tagline is “Where Leaks Don’t Stand a Chance,” and you’ll understand why when you call them for assistance. They not only respond within one hour of your call, but they can also repair your pipes quickly. This is because every team member is sent to receive extensive training to detect and repair problems of any magnitude.

You may rely on their services even if your leak has already begun to cause you troubles like the ones listed above. Along with normal plumbing repairs, they may restore your home’s integrity through water removal and mitigation. This is a win-win situation because you will no longer have to trawl the internet for further guidance!

A leak is more than just an annoyance. It may completely change the appearance and functionality of your house in an instant. Instead of expecting it would go away, make the prudent option to call in the team that will be there as soon as possible. First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration, & Air really are everyone’s first choice.