What Are the Challenges of High Reach Demolition?

Demolition projects take on many different forms and methods. One of the methods required for certain types of structures and locations is high reach demolition. As part of a plan to demolish a building of any kind, there needs to be considerations for a whole host of processes to ensure that the tasks are completed on budget, within a suitable timeframe, and that everything is completed to the highest safety standards.

Process of planning high reach demolition

 In order to be as effective as possible within the demolition window and to maintain the necessary safety standards that keep both workers on site and any people in the vicinity safe, it is essential that a few detailed planning phases and preparation takes place.

This includes a general check over the workers on site, their competencies, skills, experience, and required certification to work on demolition projects. This takes in the management, the designers, site supervisors, and all operating and supporting staff. Other things to check on before committing to the demolition project is to look at the different methods that are possible and ensure that high reach is the best approach to take.

Common challenges in high reach demolition

The higher the building the more challenging it is to bring it down. Whether you are looking at bringing down one tall structure or skyscrapers across a large complex, there are different challenges that are met. The most common challenge is that of access, with limited space to work in and restricted access points. Controlled demolition tasks are difficult to execute, especially with safety of neighbouring structures and the nearby population in mind. Structural stability is also vital to consider, with different load-bearing systems and complex designs in high-rise structures to contend with that could change the way in which the demolition is approached.

Effective high reach demolition

The use of a high reach excavator for high reach demolition makes perfect sense, as this is most suited to working with tall structures due to the large boom size. This means that a structure can be dismantled from the top down. This is also important as there might be the need for a heavier attachment, which the boom must be able to handle so as not to be over its weight capacity. With different approaches comes different attachments and other demolition equipment that work best in each specific case, required space, type of structure, and the surrounding areas. The whole idea is to bring down the high-rise structure in the safest possible way, ensuring that the structural integrity of surrounding buildings is not affected and that there is a clarity of purpose with the work taking place.

High reach demolition is the process used where high-rise buildings and tall structures are to be demolished. There is a need to look at this process in detail, putting together a meticulous plan that utilises expertise and the correct equipment, to ensure that the structure is pulled down in the safest manner possible. Having the right equipment and machinery to go with the expertise is important, as this helps to maximise efficiency in what can be a complex and challenging task.