Unclogging a Blocked Drain: How to Do It Right

Keeping your drains clear is a vital aspect of housekeeping. When your drains become clogged on a regular basis, it can become not only a long-term but also a costly problem. Not to mention that if you don’t know who to call, hiring a professional to clear your drains can be quite costly. To ensure speedy and successful drain cleaning service in Kernersville, NC, it is vital to understand how to properly clean your drains and have Master Plumbers Heating and Cooling on speed dial for particularly challenging clogs.


There are several methods for cleaning your drains. A plunger is the most common and easiest way to use it. In a nutshell, a plunger generates enormous suction and pressure, blasting through and dislodging any impediments or jams caught in the pipes. The popularity of plungers is most likely owing to the ease with which they can be bought in most areas and are the simplest way to remove a block in a hurry.

Snakes to Clean Drains

A drain snake is another good DIY alternative for cleaning your drains. This long, flexible metal component goes into the drain. The drain snake will assist in breaking up any obstructions in your drain by trapping the impediment or breaking it up with its teeth and either breaking up to make it easier to flush out or bringing it up through the drain to remove it. Because you must ensure that the clog is gone, even if it breaks up but does not flush out, this method of drain cleaning can be time-consuming. Master Plumbers Heating and Cooling can assist you in eliminating stress from the operation by using a more professional grade snake and professional approaches.

Baking Soda With Vinegar

Combining baking soda and vinegar is another method for cleaning your drains. One cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar should be poured down the drain. Allow the mixture to rest for a few hours before flushing it with hot water. This procedure is useful for removing small drain obstructions, such as food clogs, in your kitchen sink. Because the materials are readily available in your home pantry, it is far safer than store-bought drain cleaning solutions. While this method will not work for significant blockages, it will help with minor ones.

Hiring a Professional

Although it may be tempting to try to unclog a drain on your own, it is typically better for you and your wallet to hire a professional for the best pricing and results in Kernersville, North Carolina; contact Master Plumbers Heating and Cooling. With over 20 years of experience, their crew has unclogged enough drains to know exactly which method is best, saving you from trying method after method before giving up and calling the specialists. They’ll “cure” you of all your problems!

Whatever method you use, clearing your drains is critical. By taking the time to clear your drains on a regular basis, you can avoid major problems and costly bills in the future. Whether you do it yourself or pay a professional, doing it sooner rather than later is in your best interests, and your pipes will thank you.