Two Worth-Knowing Things about Black Kitchen Cabinets

Despite being on trend for several years, black kitchen cabinets are products under siege. Millions of homeowners are allegedly complaining about various things regarding black-stained drawer designs. 

As it seems, to use black cabinets, especially for kitchen interior design purposes, you must know not only their good but also their bad sides. In this article, we aim to explain two major disadvantageous aspects of black-painted cabinets. 

Are Black Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Of course yes! From their therapeutic appearances defined by alluring layouts to functional components, black kitchen cabinets are amazing. Besides enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen, these drawers can effortlessly incorporate functionality into the interior design you choose for your pantry. 

If you want your precious kitchen hall to feel lively and warm, black cabinets, regardless of what they look like, can work well for you. These drawers are also worth it, thanks to the fact that there’s no interior design that they can’t effortlessly match. 

Disadvantages of Black Kitchen Cabinets

While they are irrefutably lovable, black kitchen cabinets come with shortcomings, all of which can at times make them seem disadvantageous to you, especially if you leverage them as tools for realizing your dream kitchen interior design

The following are the notable shortcomings of black-colored cabinetries;

  • Overwhelming Dark Allure

Thanks to the nature of their shades, black cabinets can overwhelm an interior with darkness, especially if it is neither well-lit nor marked by colorful shades and multiple open places like windows. 

This is why interior designers often recommend the incorporation of multiple colors and the installation of extra artificial lighting fixtures like pendant bulbs in interiors adorned with black cabinets. 

  • Susceptibility to Tear and Wear

Believe it or not, compared to white cabinets, black kitchen cabinets are more susceptible to forces of tear and wear. Besides their potential to show scratches and stain marks, these drawers are remarkably good at fading. 

In a kitchen with intense traffic, therefore, black cabinets can easily fail to serve efficiently and last as expected. To make them more longer-lasting, homeowners more often furnish the surfaces of black cabinets with durable paint or stain finishes. 


To efficiently use black-colored cabinets, you must find ways to minimize their shortcomings. The good thing with black kitchen cabinets is that they are amazingly convenient to work with. As you know, they can match the aesthetics of any interior design. As long as you pair them with colorful shades, black cabinets can transform the outlook of any interior you fix them in.