Top Tips for Fitting Farmhouse Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen

If you are attracted to farmhouse cabinets but can’t go for them simply because you think they will not match your modern kitchen, don’t fret.

There are some things you can do to enjoy the benefits of farmhouse cabinets even though you own a modern-style pantry. This is where this review article on farmhouse kitchen cabinets comes in.

Continue reading to learn how to fit any variety of farmhouse-style cabinets in a modern kitchen.

Can Farmhouse Cabinets Fit Inside a Modern Kitchen?

While they are very attractive, conventional farmhouse kitchen cabinets can look old-fashioned when matched with modern interior décor materials, more so if you are not conversant with them.

However, if you try applying the following tips, you can make these vintage-looking drawers perfectly rhyme with modern interior design aesthetics.

Go for Customized Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

While you are worried that farmhouse cabinets will never match your modern kitchen, there are tens of homeowners who are opting to customize conventional farmhouse cabinets to match their desires; as far as aesthetic features of contemporary-world interior design standards are concerned.

Customized farmhouse cabinets feature a blend of both traditional and modern designs, especially in terms of material, color, and accessories. Here’s how you can customize generic farmhouse kitchen cabinets;

  • Replace wooden slab doors with flat glass doors
  • Paint the Cabinets
  • Install on the cabinets, modern-style accessories, fixtures, and components

Choose Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

While it can be effortless to think that farmhouse cabinets were never meant for interiors of modern kitchens, there are hundreds of modern-style farmhouse cabinets out there. The majority of these classic-style yet modern-looking cupboards seem more compatible with modern interior design than many modern kitchen cabinet designs.

Mix Different Materials

Considering that the majority of farmhouse kitchen cabinets are all-wood, from material to beautification features, it is understandable to consider why they more often seem imperfect for modern-style interiors.

But if you blend them with contrasting materials, they may incline to modern aesthetic standards. Modern kitchen interiors typically boast mixtures of different materials.

A typical modern kitchen interior can have up to three versions of wood tones, metallic elements, as well as laminate materials, not to mention colors, all of which blend perfectly to project its outlook.

Final Thoughts

Notwithstanding their rustic appearance, farmhouse kitchen cabinets are somehow ideal for all types of modern interiors. Because they are functional and longer-lasting, you should rather try as much as you can to fit them inside your modern-style scullery than just keep on admiring them in picture galleries and furniture showrooms.