Things to consider while choosing a pool builder

Pools are significant investments that require exceptional skills to construct and complete. Therefore, you need to work with experienced, trustworthy, and highly recommended pool builders that can meet your specifications. Besides, you need somebody who will finish the pool construction fort worth tx without going out of business in the meantime.

Huge down payment

For your pool construction project, you should never give your pool builder a down payment of more than 10% before starting to work. However, some reputable companies may ask up to 20%, but 10% is the standard down payment. Suffice to note, when higher upfront payments are demanded, be aware that those are struggling individuals or companies. Higher upfront payments denote that the contractor does not have enough cash flow to pay his/her subcontractors and employees.

Big up-front draws

The amount of money you pay to the contractors during the construction process must reflect the project completion timeline. For instance, if you have paid half of the total cost, your project must be halfway done. Do not pay more than the project timeline. If the business folds, you will be a significant loser.

Quick contract signing

Take time before you sign a contract with your pool builder. Do not sign a contract at your first meeting as some pool builders may demand. This may be a trap and find yourself hired a rogue contractor. Take your time and do not work with contractors who will make you always feel pressured.

Unresolved complaints

Before hiring your pool builder, check online reviews and the local BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings. Lower ratings denote incompetency. Besides, look for customer response complaints and any unresolved disputes. When you learn that your prospected pool builder has more customer complaints that lack resolutions consider looking for another contractor. Beware that few complaints for a company that builds two hundred pools in a year are parallel to bad reviews for contractors that build twenty pools in a year.

Pool builders that start working immediately

It is ideally convenient to hire a contractor who will begin working on the spot; however, do not get over excited. Excellent pool builders have scheduled list of current clients and satisfied clients. Starting to work immediately shows that your contractor has no or more work. Having less work means your project will be supervised to the maximum.


Professional and highly qualified pool builders always meet customer satisfaction. The satisfied clients are references for such pool builders. Therefore, ask for a list of references from your prospected pool builder. They will help you learn more about their professionalism and experience. If the contractor cannot give a list of previously served customers and they are not new in business, give a red flag.

Established contractors or pool builders always feel happy when asked for references because they know their previously served customers will speak more about their experience and professionalism. Also, google about your prospective contractor, ask neighbors and co-workers to get more information. This will help you in the end to hire a reliable, solvent, and highly qualified pool builder.

Poor communication

Before hiring your pool installer, ask them questions and evaluate them form the answers they give. Avoid those who strive to answer at the expensive of those who answer satisfactorily.


Choosing a Bakersfield pool builder can be challenging. With the knowledge presented by this article, you will be able to hire a qualified, solvent, and reliable pool builder that will not only deliver your specification but also worth your money.