These Are the Top Ways to Know When You Need HVAC Repairs

The heating and cooling system in your Reno, NV, home does far more than regulate your indoor temperature. It also regulates humidity by extracting excess moisture and filtering out airborne particulates. As such, having it malfunction or fail could leave you with a living environment that’s downright uninhabitable. To keep small problems from spiraling out of control and get the help you need, the following are several ways to know when it’s time to contact a company like Lincoln Heating & Air.

Your Indoor Air Quality Has Declined

Whenever HVAC problems are suspected, the first component to check is your HVAC air filter. If your air filter is coated in a thick mat of gray, lint-like debris, your indoor air quality (IAQ) will go down, and your heater and air conditioner will have to work much harder. However, if your air filter is relatively clean and your living space is still filled with dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, and other allergens, you should contact an HVAC contractor in Reno, NV, right away. You may have torn, perforated, or crushed ducting. Declining IAQ could also be the result of pest infestation or aging HVAC equipment.

HVAC contractors can test your IAQ, inspect your ducting, and more. They can also determine whether or not you need an integrated HVAC accessory such as an air purifier, air scrubber, or dehumidifier.

Your HVAC System Is Increasingly Noisy

Some noise while your HVAC system is running is normal. You might hear light ticking sounds when your heater or air conditioner first cycles on or gentle humming noises throughout their heating and cooling cycles. However, loud, jarring sounds are indicative of problems. Rattling and clanging noises often indicate loose parts, broken fan blades, or bent components. Hissing could mean that your air conditioner has a refrigerant leak and your AC compressor is under stress. Scheduling emergency AC repair in Reno, NV, will keep the underlying problem from becoming much worse.

Insufficient Hot Water

Water heaters have finite lifespans. They tend to last longer when they’re regularly and properly maintained. Small oversights like failing to replace sacrificial anode rods could lead to advanced corrosion and water heater tank ruptures. If your water heater is increasingly noisy or produces a lot less hot water than normal, contact a water heater company in Reno, NV, today. Having a professional inspect and maintain this unit could prevent a major flood and the resulting wall, flooring, and baseboard damage.

Your Heater Keeps Cycling Off

Short cycling is an issue that nearly all HVAC equipment develops when it’s under stress or overheating. If your furnace turns on but rapidly cycles back off before your home is warm, you need trusted heater repair in Reno, NV. The problem might be as simple as a dirty air filter or damaged HVAC ducting. However, you might have an undersized furnace, a bad thermostat location, or failing heating equipment.

By working with a reputable HVAC contractor, you can sidestep unnecessarily high heating and cooling costs, keep your carbon footprint to a minimum, and protect your indoor air quality. You can also extend the lifespan of your current HVAC equipment and avoid dangerous heating and cooling emergencies. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact Lincoln Heating & Air today!