The Perils of a Defective Panel Box

Your home cannot run properly without power. A breaker box or panel box serves as the single point of return for all required electricity, whether it be for lights or appliances. It divides the circuits throughout the home and serves as the hub for voltage. While these gadgets typically operate without issue, they could leave you in the dark if a problem, like a power surge, occurs.

Minneapolis residents like you must call an electrician from Edison Electric for assistance when a problem arises. You may be certain that you will get prompt and dependable service. Even though you might think that not having electricity is the worst of your problems, a broken breaker box has many other consequences, some of which are more serious than you might realize. You will become aware of all the potential issues as you read.

High Prices of Energy

You would think that a malfunctioning panel box cannot increase your utility costs, but this is different. Energy is continuously used even if you notice a decline in power from your appliances. Your panel box’s job is to control how much electricity is used, and things may go wrong if it doesn’t. Even if you don’t often use a certain gadget, a bad panel might cause it to become overrun. You’ll quickly notice an increase in your monthly expenses, much to your dismay and alarm.

Damaged Equipment

Your appliances can completely fail since they might start to overflow. Power surges may also be caused by faulty wiring in the panels. More sensitive devices like washers, dryers, and computers may be irreparably damaged by either problem. You may need to make a large investment in this since they are often your most costly products.


The most hazardous situation you could encounter is a fire or explosion. There are several wires in your panels, and as they age, they may begin to ignite. These sparks have the potential to catch fire if they come into contact with combustible substances like wood or insulation. Your home might catch fire in a matter of seconds. You run the chance of not only suffering severe property damage but potentially dying away. In the United States, an estimated 50,000 fires are predicted to be started by electrical fires per year.

Signs of Dysfunction

Knowing the most obvious signs of a problem is the simplest way to protect your home from any of the aforementioned hazards. If you do, you’ll be able to get in touch with us for help more quickly:

  • The condition of your power panel is deteriorating. This often results from aging, which causes the inside parts to degrade as well.
  • Listen for any intrusive or distracting noises coming from the panel. This might be a sign that the wire is loosening.
  • Check for overheating, which may be a sign that your panel cannot manage the currents.

Electrical panels are both delicate and dangerous, so you should never attempt to repair them on your own. Whether you’re in a rush or need a routine checkup, Edison Electric is the certain answer to your problems.

Choosing Reliable Electricians

Technology is always evolving. Thus substantial training is required for electrical employment. Since starting its company in 2007, Edison Electric has made adjustments to keep up with these advances in order to best serve its customers.

When you request electric panel repairs, a specialist will come to your house and thoroughly examine your system. In addition to diagnosing the panel and fixing cabling, they may also replace outdated systems as part of their electrical repairs & troubleshooting in Minneapolis. As they include circuit breakers to protect you from power surges or overloads, modern models are generally safer.

Due to their concern for your safety, Edison Electric may be requested on an annual basis to inspect your panels and another electrical wiring. They can tune up any equipment to ensure that your home stays secure since safety regulations evolve as rapidly as technology.

A camera system is just one component of home security. The most important fixtures and appliances that make your home comfortable and functional may help to maintain a proper operating panel box. The first indication of a problem (or sound), contact Edison Electric.