Some easy secrets to removing any kind of stain on the carpet and keep it clean

You have noticed a stain or your carpet or you think that it has become so dirty that calling an expensive cleaning solution would only work. If this is running in your mind then you will have to stop right there when you can actually use some little secrets that can give your dull looking carpet back a new look and for which you don’t even have to waste all your energy, Wondering how that is possible well, pretty simple. All you need to do is get the most trusted household solution listed below and wipes your carpet. Be it a urine or a red wine, these solutions would take care of all.


The reason why ammonia is one efficient chemical substance that is advised for upholstery cleaning is that of the ingredients present in it. Since it is quite strong, you are advised to use it with 2 liters of warm water that includes 1-cup of ammonia. Apply it all over the carpet with a toothbrush that you don’t use it any longer and let it dry. After few hours, you will see how all the stains are removed and you get the cleanest looking carpet.


This is another effective solution that you can apply to your carpet on own and see the difference. In the industry of upholstery cleaning, many people consider Vinegar a superhero. There are different formulas that are used for such type of cleaning solution. All you need to do is rub the stained area with 2 tablespoons of salt and vinegar of 1/2 cup. Let the solution get dried and you would see the stain getting lighter as the carpet gets dried. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Try it on own and see the difference.

No doubt that carpet cleaning is important. But choosing the right product for the same equally matters the most. Next time when you search on dealing with the carpets stains and how to deep clean carpet: non-chemical and chemical ways then try these options first.

Other than this, it is also beer, cornstarch and even the shaving cream that do wonders. But you need to make sure you apply it a little first on the corner of the carpet, wait for some time and if it is not affecting the carpet in any wrong way then go ahead and try it.