Smoke Detectors: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone who has ever been in school has heard about the importance of fire safety. One thing that gets drilled into our heads from an early age is how smoke detectors are a necessity in our homes. While you might expect them to keep you safe constantly, you might need to learn more about keeping them in proper working order.

In fact, you might need to realize that there are different types out there available. Having all of this information on hand can help keep you aware of your smoke detector. This includes the times when you need it repaired or replaced so that you do not accidentally cause yourself to become at risk of a fire. As part of their electrical services in East Lansing, MI, The Meridian Company can be there to help you with your unit.

Types of Smoke Detectors

There are two main types of smoke detectors that could be implemented within your home, ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors. The Meridian Company will help you choose the best type for your home’s needs.

Ionization smoke detectors detect smoke particles in a fire by using a small quantity of radioactive material. When smoke enters the gadget, it disturbs the movement of ions and sets off an alert. These detectors have a significant benefit in that they detect invisible particles from smoldering flames faster than other types of detectors.

Photoelectric smoke detectors detect smoke by a variable beam of light, as opposed to standard ionization detectors, which rely on the discharge of radioactive material to assess particle levels in the air. The detector will sound an alert if the beam is stopped by the presence of smoke particles in the air. The photoelectric detector’s concentrated beams provide an additional purpose: they notify occupants of flames earlier than an ionization detector would.

How to Care For Your System

When you put smoke detectors up in your home, you might think all you have to do is pop in a few batteries and ignore them until there is a problem. However, this is not true. They require just as much care as other appliances you own.

To ensure that your detector meets your standards, keep aware of the following:

  • Press the test button once a month to make sure it still works.
  • Batteries should be changed once a year.
  • If your device begins to chirp, it might be time for a replacement.

While replacements can be found at many stores, your best bet is to call in a professional from The Meridian Company to help you.

Why You Should Hire an Electrician

When it comes to smoke detectors, a skilled electrician can assist you in ensuring the safety of your family or company. A qualified electrician understands how to properly and effectively install hardwired smoke detectors to ensure optimal protection. They can also detect problems before they cause faulty equipment or fires. Furthermore, a professional electrician is familiar with local safety requirements and can advise you on the finest type of smoke detector for your home or company.

For the best help around Michigan, put your faith in The Meridian Company! Not all HVAC contractors are licensed to deal with this crucial device, but you can rest assured that their team has kept East Lansing, Lansing, and Okemos, MI safe since 1984. You can go to them for other unique electrical services, too, including setting up an EV charging station and helping them to stand above the competition.

You deserve to feel safe in your home all year long. A smoke detector on every food can be a literal lifesaver if properly installed. Trusting The Meridian Company is truly no risk to you.