Signs That Your Furnace Needs to Be Repaired

When winter arrives and the temperatures drop, nothing beats the warmth of a well-functioning furnace. However, there may be instances when you discover that your furnace is no longer what it once was. So, how can you know if it’s time for a repair or a replacement? As you read, you will discover all of the obvious symptoms that you should contact Easco Air Conditioning and Heating, an HVAC contractor in Willis, TX. They are prepared to assist you whether you have an appointment or an emergency.

Unusual Sounds

A sound you aren’t used to hearing from any equipment may be a cause for alarm. This might be heard as grinding, banging, or hissing. When your furnace produces these noises, it might signal a variety of reasons. It might indicate an issue with the fan or control board. Occasionally, a component may have gone loose. Whatever the case may be, an expert such as Easco Air Conditioning and Heating may check it and immediately bring it under control.

Inadequate Heating

Isn’t the main reason you use a furnace to keep your home warm? So, if your house isn’t getting warm like it used to, something is wrong with your furnace. You may find yourself tweaking the thermostat to achieve adequate warmth, which can cause more damage because the device is now overworking itself. Another clue is that certain portions of your house will feel warmer than others. That should not be the case if the system is a central furnace.

Increased Energy Costs

Unless there are significant weather fluctuations, you are unlikely to use your furnace for more than one month in a row. Unless this is the case, there should be no noticeable changes in your energy cost. However, if you detect a significant increase in the bottom line, it is likely that your furnace is aging and overworking. A tune-up or replacement might help you save a significant amount of money on future payments.


A leak is one of the most serious things you might detect. If you see any leaks coming from your furnace, this might indicate that it is not functioning correctly or has been damaged. Furnace leaks are frequently caused by damaged seals and cracks in the heat exchange or combustion chamber. If you don’t take care of this right away, you risk a variety of problems, including fires and death, especially if your wiring frays along with the leaks.

Get Help Right Away

If any of these warning indicators show, switch off your device immediately before something worse occurs. After that, contact a company like Easco Air Conditioning and Heating immediately soon. Their emergency services will come to your aid at any time of day or night. Since 1982, residents of Willis, Conroe, and Huntsville, TX, have been able to live securely in their houses over the winter by using them, and you can, too.

Sometimes a short tune-up may suffice to fix your furnace, but other times a new furnace will be required. Whatever you do, you will be safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against future tragedies. Not only that, but the money you invest now will be far less than what you would spend if a fire or other damage occurred.

Easco Air Conditioning & Heating and its crew are ready to help you no matter when or why you require them. Every time, you can count on prompt and courteous service.