Recommended Home Roof Maintenance Schedule

A roof maintenance program is essential to ensure your home’s safety and quality. These actions are critical for identifying potential roof problems and risks. Most of them only need to be done every few years.


Roof inspections are particularly important when there is a lot of roof debris. This can lead to roof damage. These inspections should be scheduled before the rainy season, especially before Florida’s monsoon season. You could lose your roof warranty if you delay scheduling these inspections.

Remember that All Star Roofing will offer a free annual roof inspection to all existing customers if you are a partner.

Shingle Examination

You should also schedule inspections. Every year, inspect your shingles. You should inspect your shingles for missing, damaged, curled, or buckled shingles, as well as bare spots and large areas of moss. All faulty shingles will need to be replaced.

Tree Trimming

You should also pay attention to trees in the vicinity of your roof, and trim them accordingly. This is preventative maintenance because even fallen leaves can cause roof damage, mold growth, and roof leaks.

Pipe and Vent Sealing

The sealant that is exposed to direct sunlight will require sealing every five to seven years. Spray-painted sealants, which help to block ultraviolet rays, will require sealing every seven to ten years. The seams of a foam roof will be sealed automatically by a roofer when it is re-coated. More details about re-coating can be found below.


The roofer will inform you about the state of your gutters after your roof inspection. Depending on the quality of your area and the proximity of trees, you will likely have to clean out your gutters. Flat roofs are more difficult to clean because you cannot see the debris from below. Flat roofs are more susceptible to blocking drainage. This is why drains are more important in flat roofs. You must re-coat a foam roof every 5-10 years depending on how long it is under warranty.

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