Reasons Why Your Toilet Is Leaking at the Base


Is water accumulating around your toilet as you drain your bubble bath? You might have noticed water accumulating around your toilet while you’re draining your bubble bath. Toilets can leak from the tank or cracks in the bowl, or the base. 

Clogged Drain Line

Clogged drain lines can cause pressure to build up on the wax ring that sits at the bottom of your toilet. This can lead to toilet leaks and breakage. 

Old Wax Ring

As their name might suggest, wax rings are used on toilets. This is because wax is an ideal material for the job. It’s easy to shape and mold into the perfect configuration to stop water from leaking out the bottom of your toilet.

Another thing wax is well-known for is its delicate nature. The wax ring at your toilet’s base is not tight enough to prevent water from leaking and must be replaced.

Floor Flange or Bolts for Loose Flange Bolts

Your toilet’s floor flange bolts are responsible for one important job: keeping it secure to the ground. You may notice that your toilet is moving around or seems loose. This could indicate that there are loose flange bolts which could cause a leak.

Cracked Toilet Bowl

Although toilet bowls are strong, accidents can occur and toilet bowls may crack. The most common hairline cracks are located on the surface. However, if they get deep enough, they can cause leaks at their base.

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