Purchase or Not: The Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

Whether you’re new or not in cold areas, having a water heater is a must. However, what should you choose between the two choices: gas heater or electric heater. The two water heater types have advantages and disadvantages for households. This time, we focus on an electric hot water heater, which is considered the most popular water heater type in the market.

Electric-powered water heaters might be on-demand, but is it really worth the cost? What are their differences from gas heaters? And what can homes expect from it? Aside from its pros, we will also discuss the cons of an electric water heater.

Pros of Electric Water Heaters

Better Efficiency

Electric water heaters are way better than gas water heaters regarding energy efficiency. Electric heaters produce hot water more efficiently, with energy factors (EF) ranging from 0.9 and above. Contrarily, gas-type heaters’ EF falls from 0.5 to 0.7. EF is the measurement used to determine the effectiveness of a water heater in producing hot water. By looking at the number comparison, electric heaters are the clear winner.


Electric water heaters are environment-friendly as these devicesonly use energy when needed. Despite being on standby, gas heaters stillconsume energy. Conventional heaters might also require relighting, increasing energy consumption and utility bills. For instance, when using an electric shower heater, a house owner can also use renewable energy as its power source, such as solar energy.

Easy Installation

Installing electric water heaters is easier than gas heaters. This is because nearly all homes have an electrical connection, so there is already an available electric source. Moreover, electric heaters do not require the unit to have any gas lines or venting in contrast to gas-type heaters.

Cons of Electric Water Heaters

Liability During Power Outages

The harsh truth is that electric water heaters are useless without electricity. If a storm hits a town and the grid goes down, homeowners need to wait for electricity to come back to use their electric heater again.

Expensive Operating Costs

Electricity costs higher than gas, so using an electric heater can be costly. To this end, households might consider comparing the price of electricity and gas in their area to decide whether to use a gas or electric heater type.

The mentioned pros and cons are valuable points for purchasing or not an electric water heater. The final decision still depends on the households themselves. House owners must also find a reputable dealer for high-quality products.

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