Pro and contra arguments over using an air conditioner

 Thanks to the scientifical progress, today, we can learn more over the implication of the gadgets we are using in order to help us living our everyday lives. When it comes to the big temperatures, it is almost unimaginable to think about how our lives would be if we weren’t owning an air conditioner. Considering that during the summer, at least when the sun rises, until it settles down, we are all sitting in our home or offices, which are cooled down thanks to this invention. But nowadays, many researchers have found that being exposed to this air can cause you several troubles. Within this article we will discuss about the pro and contra arguments of using the air conditioners, as well as make some calculations over the cost benefit. And if you are interested in doing an external research, you can get through this article, and make sure that nothing will be forgotten when forming your final opinion and decision.

The first argument which has a positive approach towards their use is the fact that using an air conditioner can reduce the chances of experiencing a heart stroke. Assuming how big this problem is, since each year, hundreds of people are dying because of this in the United States, preventing the stroke with purchasing an air conditioner is the right thing to do. If you weren’t aware of its frequency by now, on average, in every 40 seconds a person in the world dies out of heart stroke. Of course, there are more components which are playing their role when something like this occurs, but once we are aware that it is a part of the problem, it is better if we act towards stopping it.

On the other hand, using an air conditioner can lead to breeding a lot of bacteria and fungus. Since it is producing a lot of moisture, if you don’t check it on a regular basis, making sure that all the filters are cleaned on a regular basis, they can build up inside it and once it is turned on, being spread into the air. The serious problem here is that they can lead to varieties of serious lung diseases, so once you agree over using an air conditioner, you must be sure that everything is well cleaned before you turn it on and aim towards a cooler air.

According to one research which was made in the Mayo Clinic, by using an air conditioner, we are getting rid of the airborne pollen from the environment. This means that it will help us prevent allergies, as well as asthma, and we are all aware about the frequency of their presence. This means that by approaching towards this method of cooling down the temperature, we will have more pleasant environment and clearer air than it usually is outside of our home, which is a very important benefit.

When calculating the negative and the positive aspects of the usage of air conditioners, we can clearly state that it is safe to use them, as long as we are taking a good care over them, making sure that they are well cleared. If you had second thoughts over the purchase of an air conditioner, and now you think that it is a good decision, you can make an online research over the options. Today, there are many options and you can compare the offers, assuming their price, the model and the money you will need to give for the installation, if any. You can easily check couple of offers, same as this one and make the calculations in order to find out which one will serve you the best.


There are several aspects which can be linked with a negative impact over the usage of an air conditioner, but without the main one, making the bacteria which is collecting inside them to be spread all around the room, the main ones are in a fact, positive, and they will bring you more benefit than harm in your life. Summers can last long, so make sure that your room is cool enough and that your body is well hydrated, in order to stay safe.