Importance of Cement and Ready-mix concrete in Building Construction

Cement is a crucial material used to construct houses, buildings, roads, apartments, infrastructures, bridges, dams, and any building construction. 

Cement manufacturer in modern times is more concerned with improving the quality of the cement products as it is used for various purposes. They work tirelessly to provide a renowned and reliable quality product to the customers.

Various types of cement and their uses

There are different types of cement used for various construction works. Cement manufacturers produce different types of cement for purposes, uses, properties, and composition materials. This article explains about the importance of cement types.

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC): OPC is the globally used cement. It is mainly used for various purposes, including concrete, mortar, and plaster for a perfect finish. Apart from this, OPC is also used to manufacture wall putty, AAC blocks, solid concrete blocks, grout, etc.

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC): PPC is high resistance cement widely used to construct heavy body structures like sewage works, bridges, dams, mass concrete works, and piers. To prepare PPC- grind Portland cement with pozzolanic clinker.

Sulfates resisting Cement: It is mainly used for construction in contact with groundwater or soil. It is mainly used in the construction of bridges, dams, and piers. It is used to resist sulfate in concrete.

Quick Setting Cement: Cement suppliers recommend quick-setting cement as it sets faster than OPC. It is mainly used in the construction of underwater structures.

White Cement: White Cement is a big success in the cement industry that produces huge volumes for the country’s needs. White cement is a great replacement for grey cement. The Cement manufacturers take an initiative step to save the earth by white cement concept. 

Cement manufacturers’ works hard to provide improving quality of the product with various purposes. They also show concern about minimizing the product cost and maximizing the volume of the product.

Ready-mix concrete for construction work

Ready-mix concrete is widely used for commercial and domestic construction. It is precisely a mixture of water, gravel, crushed stone, cement, and sand. Engineers prefer ready-mix concrete as it dramatically minimizes the labour cost and eliminates waste material.

Save Big on Construction Cost

In ready-mix, a perfect mixture of all ingredients is mixed well for the concrete work, and there is no chance of wasting the product or material. Thus, the ready-mix concrete helps to eliminate the material storage cost and eliminates the material wastage cost.

Engineers need more labour, construction products, and wide space for mixing concrete in the manual labour of concrete work. Also, it takes more days to complete the construction work. The use of ready-mix concrete saves time, money, space, energy, and construction cost.

The Engineers and building owners prefer ready-mix concrete mixture for construction to reduce the construction cost. It significantly reduces the electricity consumption cost at the site also needs only minimal labour for huge work.

Best Value for Money

Ready-mix concrete is mainly used to construct multi-storied buildings, commercial buildings, and apartment construction to save its construction cost. It results in faster construction with superior quality output. It is highly durable and long lasts for many years.