How to Tell Your Toilet is Broken

One of the most valuable pieces of equipment in our homes is the toilet. This fixture is used multiple times a day by all members of your household, so it is crucial that it continues to work without a hitch. Unfortunately, there are bound to be a few times in its lifespan when you might need a repair.

Although most problems can be solved with a simple plunging, other dilemmas can be more difficult to solve. In that event, getting a plumber to look and see if you are dealing with a drain or piping issue is essential. For example, Sewer Squad can give you a surefire drain repair in Toronto, ON. Keep an eye out for the following signs so you can get a hold of them immediately.

Continuous Clogging

Let’s face it- clogs are bound to happen. Sometimes it could be due to the amount of waste going down the drain or the overuse of toilet paper. However, clogs should not be happening every day, let alone more than once a day. This could mean that something that isn’t flushable was forced down your pipes and has blocked all further movement.

To avoid this symptom, make sure that you are not flushing down items such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products, or medication. If you have a small child, make sure the toilet lid is closed at all times, as they may try to flush toys or other random objects for fun.

Nonstop Running

You should only hear the roaring sounds of a toilet once you flush it. Not only would a random whirring sound be annoying, especially in the middle of the night, but it can also mean there’s a problem. One such issue could be a problem with the flush valve. If not solved immediately, you could become at risk for a leak.

You can take a look at your flush valve by opening the back of your toilet. There is a flapper inside that helps to let water in and out of your system. If there is any sign of damage, then you need to call in help from Sewer Squad at that moment.


Just like any other system or piece of equipment, toilets can succumb to wear and tear. Porcelain cal only lasts for so long, so as your toilet ages, it can begin to crack. You will begin to notice this when there are puddles around your toilet or if the bowl has any “sweating.”

Along with this, there can be cracks in your overall piping that can come from a connection error. This can lead to leaks and discoloration around your fixture. These leaks can damage your floors and can result in further consequences, including flooding. Seeing how flood restoration can be expensive, it is crucial that you act immediately.

How Sewer Squad Can Help

When you want fast-acting service from experts who have been around for decades, you want to call in Sewer Squad. When it comes to working with toilets, their plumbers can assist you in a variety of ways. They can check your pipes for any possible buildup, even using hydro jetting if the problem is due to sediment buildup. If the problem is too big to solve with cleaning or repairs, they can even help install a new toilet.

With their drain cleaning services, Sewer Squad uses the most innovative and eco-friendly products on the market. They also proudly offer their customers a monthly drain cleaning as part of their maintenance program. This includes all drains, such as the main drain, sewer line, and beyond.

Sewer Squad is beloved by customers in Ajax, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton, ON, for a good reason. They know their experts can handle any drainage or plumbing issue. Because they offer 24/7 services, Sewer Squad can be at your door in the blink of an eye.

You have enough things to worry about in your daily life. Something like your toilet should not be one of those woes. At the first sign of a dilemma, call Sewer Squad to help you out of a jam (or a clog) instantly.