How to Tell if Your Septic Tank Requires Repair Services

A septic tank is rarely thought of unless it stops working correctly. Know the signs of trouble and call a septic service lebanon pa if any of the following problems occur for septic tank pumping dallas ga.

The Smell of Sewage

If the stench of a sewer happens inside of your home, this could be an early warning sign that your tank is filling up or is damaged. If the smell only occurs when you are outside, your drain field could be showing signs of distress. Either way, a professional needs to be contacted to better identify and fix the trouble.

Sink or Toilet Back-up

You may find a sink or toilet with standing water that cannot be remedied through plunging. This usually follows the first sign of a sewage smell. This is a good indication that your septic tank is too full or damaged. The sewage has nowhere to go except inside of your house. This constitutes a true emergency and you need to make that call to a septic tank repair Calcutta OH or septic tank cleaning ocala, fl.

Unusual Tasting Tap Water

If you have well water, there may be a significant change in the way your water tastes. This could be due to leaking of sewage water into the well. Run an inspection of your water content. If there are high levels of nitrate present, your septic tank is affecting your ground water.

Soggy Grass on Top of Drain Field

The drain field consists of trenches with perforated pipes or sand. This allows the treated organic material of the tank to be distributed into the ground. When a septic system malfunctions, there can be sewage seeping into the drain field. Also note any areas that have greener grass growing. This comes from a higher nutrient content of a damaged drain field.

Cold Weather Damage

You don’t have to have an unusually cold winter season for your drain pipes to freeze. The first sign of ice in your septic system is clogged drains. All of your drains will be affected. The sewage pipes may be buried too close to the surface to escape the winter blast. Septic systems need to be insulated and pitched properly in order to avoid freezing.

Septic tank repairs can be worrisome and costly. Keep an eye out for any of these danger signs in order to minimize the damage. Call a professional septic tank repair service if any of these situations occur on your property.