How to Pack your Apartment for Moving

Packing your apartment does not have to be intimidating, whether you have a lot of time or moving on short notice. It is normal to feel stressed because of all the preparation you need and the amount of work you need to do. However, staying calm and finding fun in moving will make it a bit less stressful. So, after gathering packing items like boxes of different sizes, bubble wrap, tape, scissors, etc., it is time to start packing. This article will cover tips on how to pack your apartment when moving.

  • Start Early and Ask for Help

The best way to start working is to start early. You will have a lot of energy when you begin packing in advance. If you have enough time, you can start weeks before the moving day and pack little by little. This will ensure you will not be overwhelmed as moving day closes by. Another thing you need to do early enough is to book a mover and ask your friends to help you. Go for reliable movers like BRS Moving and book them in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments. Your friends and family can also help with packing.

  • Make a List of Your Items

Before you start packing, list the items you need to pack. Start by removing the unnecessary ones and only leave those you usually use. You can give them away, donate, store or throw them away. The most important thing is to get organized before packing to save time and energy.

  • Start with Fragile Items

Fragile items may require unique packing supplies and even take time to handle. Therefore, we recommend starting with them when you still have ample time to avoid handling them in a rush. Items like modern artwork, frames, souvenirs, sculptures, and other collections are priceless. So, pack them first and keep them safe so they will not get damaged.

  • Label the Boxes Correctly

Even if you are in a hurry, always pack the boxes well. Use small boxes for fragile and heavy items and large boxes for lighter ones to make handling easy. Ensure the heavier items come at the bottom of the box before packing the light ones. After filling the box, you can close it up and label it on the side or at the top. Indicate the items inside and label “fragile” for delicate things.

  • Declutter When Packing

If you don’t have time to go through your apartment and remove things, you can do it when packing. Start with one room and keep everything you need in one box and another. Decluttering will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t pay to move things you don’t use.

  • Wrap with Towels

Use towels to wrap sharp items like knives. Instead of paper wrap, utilize towels. You can also use them to cushion delicate items in the boxes. Towels may not be as effective as bubble wrap, but they provide extra protection.

  • Utilize Trash Bags

Trash bags can hold more than boxes. Therefore use them to carry soft items like linen, towels, clothes, or blankets. Another good thing about trash bags is that you can squeeze them to fill spaces in the truck.


If you have decided to move from your apartment, much work is ahead. However, you can make the process easy by knowing how to pack your items before moving.