How to Fix a Toilet Issue

A toilet is among the most important items that can be found in a home. We regularly flush our garbage down the toilet each day. When they need to be fixed, if they are not handled well or fast, they may disrupt your routine and cause a variety of additional problems.

While you could try to remove minor obstacles, more difficult jobs should be left to professionals like the team at Plumb Zebra. When a simple flush results in a bathroom flood, the best course of action is to call an emergency plumber in Midland, Texas, Your home won’t become a damp, smelly mess if you utilize them.

Typical Symptoms

To get the appropriate care, you must be aware of the warning signals. The following are the most evident signs that your toilet requires repair:

  • filling the toilet basin gradually
  • continuous flushing noises
  • A sink in a bathroom that is “sweating”
  • little water pressure

Effects and Causations

For a variety of reasons, your toilet could become inadequate, all of which might have negative consequences.


Of course, the most common problem is a blockage. In addition to trash, a toilet’s drains may also deal with liquids or materials that degrade fast, such as toilet paper. Anything that is bigger than the normal diameter of the drain, which is a little over three inches, can quickly get caught.

Clogs may result in water flow issues and pipe backups. Although it won’t allow anything else to flush down the toilet, this might harm your pipes. Pressure may increase as the water tries to pass the obstacle, which might result in leaks or burst pipes.

Poorly Functioning Valves

Your toilet is managed by a set of valves located in the rear tank. Valves often experience malfunctions or failure. Silt may gather in the tank as the water level rises and prevent the valves from opening. They could also get unfastened if the water pressure suddenly changes.

Your toilet’s water supply might overflow if a broken valve is unable to control the flow. Even if you cut off the water to your toilet, you can still be in danger of flooding since flooding can cause substantial damage and be very costly to clean up if not handled by someone who handles emergency plumbing repairs in Kootenai County.

Damaged or Faulty Seals

Your toilet’s wax ring at the base acts as a seal. Although it may not seem necessary, the seal plays a crucial role in how well your toilet works. It creates an airtight barrier that prevents sewage or water from passing through. This prevents sewage pipes from causing your floor to get dirty or your bathroom to smell.

The seal becomes more susceptible to deterioration as it matures. It will also quickly fall loose if it is not put or altered correctly. The prior leakage would surely have occurred if a damaged seal hadn’t been rectified. Sewage gas leaks and water damage may be harmful to your health if inhaled.

Prevention Procedures

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent all of the aforementioned issues. The simplest preventative measure you can take is to be conscious of what you are flushing. Condoms, tampons, and diapers should all be disposed of in the garbage. Maintaining a tight cover on your toilet is a smart tip to prevent children from flushing toys.

If the water in the toilet starts to overflow, you must open the rear of the toilet to check the valves. They can need cleaning. You should often examine them to avoid mishaps. Your toilet’s seal is the same.

It is advised to contact Plumb Zebra for essential routine maintenance. Toilets are a need in every home, but professionals are aware that they often have issues that beginners must be prepared to handle. The most often used resource in your home, your toilet, should always continue to operate well, although this is unavoidable. Call Plumb Zebra if a plunger is not working and you need a qualified plumber.