How to Control Birds

Everywhere you look, there are birds. They are roosting on your garage, house, your apartment windows, in and around your gutters, they are just everywhere. They build nests in crawl-spaces, release their droppings upon walls, roof, floor, and vehicles. Sometimes they even release their digested contents upon friends, neighbors, and business relations. So, what type of pest control do you use on birds for such a situation? There are products you can use whether you live in a house, apartment, or countryside.

Pigeons, crows, sparrows, starlings, gulls, and swallows are the most common problem birds, especially in residential areas. Pigeons are notorious for their persistence in densely populated neighborhoods, where plentiful food sources are available. Out of all bird control and removal services, pigeon removal is the most widely requested. You may be thinking that this is an unnecessary task; however, it can be important as pest bird feces can create health-related problems that include:

• Cryptococcosis
• Histoplasmosis
• Psittacosis

Not to mention that their dropping can cause damage to equipment and properties.

What Products Are Out There

First and foremost, what you need to do is to identify what type of bird problems you are having before selecting the product, then figure out what type of bird control you require. Below are some of the types` you can use

• Agricultural Bird Control
• Aviation Bird Control
• Structural Bird Control Products
• Bird Control for Boats
• Bird Scare Products

Another option is to add food products to those things that birds consider food. Birds are more likely to come into an area where food is in abundance. However, if you add those products to their food, they will not like it anymore. With the food tasting like this, birds have to fly away and find something else when they feel hungry.

Along with identifying what type of bird pest problem you have, you will want to research buying the right bird control product for your situation.

For this reason, bird control is different from conventional methods. An experienced pest control company (we recommend this best exterminator California has to offer) is the best way to eliminate annoying birds from your business or home, as they will take a holistic path that includes pest prevention and eradication, causing the least harm to you as well as the environment.

Their services tend to involve:

— Bird and nest removal.
— Bird and nest relocation.
— Feces removal.
— Pressure washing and decontamination of the area.
— Bird exclusion.
— Bird deterrents, such as motion sensors, spikes, and visual and audio deterrents.

Other commonly required services are property maintenance as well as air duct cleaning services. These are essential factors that many individuals require, in addition to bird eviction and relocation services, to promote a healthy environment.


Bird and pest removal is a generic name for methods of deterring or the elimination of pests or birds. This stops them, roosting, landing, and nesting. Bird control methods will differ depending on the type of bird and the magnitude of the problem. Bird control will usually employ different discouragement methods such as the use of falcons or even the use of scaring methods such as noise.