Furnace Tune Up Checklist: What’s Included


It’s that time of year again – furnace tune up season! Furnace tune up can help keep your system running smoothly and safely all winter long. So, if you’re like most homeowners, you may be wondering what is included in a furnace tune up and what the benefits are. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive furnace tune up checklist and explain everything that is included.

What is a Furnace Tune Up?

A furnace tune up is a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of your home’s furnace. It includes a full safety check and a thorough cleaning of all the components of the system. Furnace tune ups should be performed at least once a year, preferably in the fall before you start using your furnace for the winter.

The Basic Checklist of Furnace Tune Up

1. Cleaning the Furnace

The first step in a furnace tune-up is always to clean the furnace. It includes brushing and vacuuming all of the dirt and dust from the inside of the unit. It’s important to do this every year, as it helps keep your system running smoothly and prevents build-up that can lead to problems down the road. Plus, it’s also important to bridge the knowledge gap about furnace anatomy to better understand the process.

2. Inspecting the Furnace

The technician will also inspect the furnace for any signs of wear or damage. They will check the heat exchanger, blower assembly, and burner for problems, and they will also test the airflow and combustion. If any repairs are needed, they will be made at this time.

3. Testing the Furnace

The furnace is then tested to ensure that it is in good working order. It includes checking the thermostat, which should be set to a comfortable temperature for you and your family members. They will also perform any other tests as needed, such as testing the maintenance switch or inspecting the ductwork for leaks.

4. Lubricating the Furnace

The next step in the furnace tune up is to lubricate any moving parts that can cause friction. This includes the blower motor, fan blades, and other moving parts of your heating system. Lubricating them helps keep them running smoothly, so they last longer and don’t need as much maintenance.

5. Adjusting the Furnace

The technician will also adjust the furnace as needed. It may include adjusting the airflow, cleaning, replacing the filters, and making other necessary adjustments. If something isn’t working properly, they will let you know so that it can be fixed before winter arrives.

Wrapping Up

So that’s a comprehensive look at what’s included in a furnace tune up! If you’re due for one this year, be sure to call your local company for heating and air in Roswell and make an appointment.