Everything you Need to Know About Property Management in Townsville

Congratulations, now that you have decided to enter the real estate world. You don’t need to worry even if you do not have any idea on where to begin. In this article, we will explain everything and anything you need to know, every step you have to take to know how to do proper and effective property management in Townsville or any part of Queensland.

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Step 1: You have to make sure that you are eligible to become a property management or real estate representative.


To become a good and competent real estate agent, agency administrator or property manager in Townsville, the first thing you have to remember is you have to obtain a Registration Certificate. A lot of people don’t have a problem getting a Registration Certificate.


But the problem is, there are some circumstances that will stand between the prospected real estate agent and the Registration Certificates like time of application, insolvency history, age or criminal history. It does not make sense to train in real estate management without making sure that you are eligible to get a license. So, it is always an excellent idea to check the Townsville government website for the requirements first.


Step 2: Make sure you are ready for your Statement of Attainment


The application for the Registration Certificate requires that you study and achieve SAUC or Statement of Attainment for Units of Competency with the help of a certified training center. No matter what center you study in, you need to pass the core seven units of proficiency that the Office of Fair Trading requires. These units include:


CPPDSM4009B – Interpretation of legislation to complete agency work.

CPPDSM4008A – Identifying the ethical and legal requirements when it comes to property sales to complete all the agency work.

CPPDSM4010A – Property Lease

CPPDSM4015B – Minimizing the consumer and agency risk

CPPDSM4022A – Sell as well as finalize the sale of properties by private treaty.

CPPDSM4012A – List all the properties that are for sale.

CPPDSM4080A – Working in the real estate and property management industry


Step 3: Registration Certification application


After you pass all the required units, you will get your Statement of Attainment. Your next step is to use the statement to apply for a Registration Certificate in the Office of Fair Trading. Luckily, the paperwork for the application is only a few pages. However, you need to pay for the form. These include:

A registration cost of $323 for a one-year term or a $548.90 for a three-year term.

A $39 fee for checking criminal history.


The registration Certificate allows you to work for licensed real estate principal or real estate agencies. Getting a Registration Certificate is your first real accomplishment on your path to a real estate career.


To know more about the Office of Fair Trading, click here.



Step 4: Find a good agency


Because you are now a licensed real estate agent, all you need to do is find a job. Fortunately for real estate beginners is that, according to the government Job Outlook data, property management and real estate is an industry with lots of opportunity for both experienced as well as new agents.


Job openings for sales representatives are expected to be steadily rising until the last part of 2019. Job opportunities for real estate representative are rising moderately in the past years. Growth in the industry will be expected until 2020 and beyond. There are a lot of full-time jobs in the real estate world. You need to know that unemployment rate for real estate rep is lower compared to other industries.


Step 5: Upskill


With experience and a taste for the property management and real estate industry behind you, it won’t be long before you discover which part of this job will suit you and where you want to go next. You need to attend necessary training for you to be certified to:


Manage holiday and residential resort and apartment complexes, townhouse or villa as well as tourist facility development.


Manage and own a real estate agency, work as a real estate agent or act as a real estate principle.

Whether you are new to this real estate business and want to start a successful career in this industry, or you are an experienced real estate agent who wants to take their skills into a whole other level, you need to make sure that you are equipped to face the real challenges in the real estate world.