Decking Cost Calculator- High-Performance, Low Maintenance

You can enjoy warm sunlight in summer, spring, or maybe in winter, comfortably seating on your patios. Deck design may include a number of features, but which really matters is the material you use for it. Premium quality composite wood decking gives the aesthetic, attractive look, which is also low maintenance. There are various kinds of composite wood decks available on the market. As composite wood decking uses both synthetic and organic materials like industrial plastic, wood waste, and cellulose like rice husk, it creates a durable product that looks and feels like wood decking.


The main advantage of composite products is, it is durable and has a long lifespan. It is designed to withstand severe, harsh weather conditions without additional protection and treatment like painting or oiling. These composite wood decks do not require painting or staining and only need annual or bi-annual washing with soap and water. Regular wood will crack, split, and rot over time and needs constant maintenance to keep its luster and function ability. Composite products maintain constant beautiful look all through the years. The composite wood decks come in various colors and textures. You can make your outdoor living space more lively and bright by using multi-colored composite boards by combining different color boards.


Composite products are made from recycled materials and devoid of harmful chemicals and pesticides used in making and maintenance of regular wood decks. This makes it the most eco-friendly option available in the market. Materials used in the manufacturing of these composite wood decks include waste wood products like sawdust and recycled plastic materials like discarded bottles, shopping bags. The manufacturing of composite wood products turns these thousand tons of garbage into beautiful, durable decks. Otherwise, they would go to landfill polluting the environment. It helps in preventing deforestation to a large extent.

High Value

Renovating or constructing a new deck adds value to your home. While selling the property, it attracts more value from potential buyers. Besides the preliminary one time investment, which can be 50% more than a common wood deck depending on your locality, composite decks save a lot of money in the long run. Besides, you need to hire a carpenter, woodworker, or project expert to build a wooden deck, while composite decks are easy to install. Decking Cost Calculator will show the advantage of the composite wood deck over regular ones.