A Guide To DIY Wall Leakage Repair 

Every wall leakage needs repair. Whether in residential or commercial places, everyone living or working inside will suffer in various forms. Besides getting wet and paying higher water bills, developing asthma and skin allergies can happen due to mould and mildew growth caused by being exposed to excessive moisture. 

The only way to prevent these unfortunate events is to fix water leakage. Read through this article if you do not have to know how water leak in wall repair works.

6 Tips For Fix Wall Leakages On Your Own

1. Know Where The Leaks Are

The wall leakage repair begins by knowing where the leaks are coming from the wall of your home. Below are some different ways to identify the leak’s location:

  • Pay close attention to musty smells
  • Listen to the dripping sound
  • Look for any sign of moulds or mildew

These are much easier to do during heavy rainfalls; the smells are mustier, and the dripping sound louder. 

2. Turn Off The Water Supply

Once you find where the wall leakage is, the repair process begins by turning off the water supply. Doing so should prevent you from getting wet more once you fix the water pipe beneath the wall. 

3. Peel The Paint Or Wallpaper

You can remove the paint or wallpaper after shutting off your home’s water supply. If not, they will only obstruct your wall leakage repair and get even more soaked.

4. Clean The Area

After removing the paint or the wallpaper where the leaks are, you better clean everything to ensure the area is not all that damp. If the area is not cleaned, it will be difficult to repair the leaks.

5. Apply Cement

Apart from fixing the water pipes beneath the wall, you better apply a good amount of cement. Doing so should prevent the water from seeping through the surface. 

6. Add A Layer Of Waterproofing Product

Adding a layer of waterproofing products offers additional extra protection from water leakages. If you are unsure how to do so, consider relying on experts. Reach out to a water leakage specialist in Singapore. They help you with wall leakage repair. 

Do You Need A Hand Fixing The Leaks In The Wall At Your Property? 

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