4 Ways Window Styles Can Impact Productivity and Profitability

Our environment influences all aspects of our life. It affects our ability to focus, our longing to be productive, our happiness levels, and our enjoyment of being in that particular space.

Considering many people spend a vast majority of their waking hours in their office, it is crucial that that office environment is designed and created to ensure that workers can be as happy, as productive, and as profitable as possible.

The design of the office, from the layout of meeting rooms to the color of paint on the walls and the amount of windows surrounding the desk, is of supreme importance.

In fact, a well-designed office with appropriately designed and placed windows for maximum light absorption can increase workers’ productivity by about 20%. So, tell me: Why on earth would you not want to make sure that you were tapping into this additional enhancement?

If you are looking to make your office a more thriving place, look no further than the window styles you choose to employ. Here are four ways window styles can impact productivity and profitability.

1. Windows bring light. Light brings productivity and profitability.

Not only can employees not work without light, but as humans, we need light to feel alive and connected. There is nothing that kills productivity quicker than a sad worker who feels holed up in a dark, dreary, windowless office.

But, more so than artificial light, natural light is proven to boost productivity, energy and creativity.

Your office may not have room for more than a couple of windows, which is why it is crucial that you choose a window style that brings in as much natural light as possible and that reaches as many desks as necessary.

Additionally, when choosing a window style, keep in mind that you want to install ones that are easy to maintain and keep clean to ensure that you are receiving the maximum light intake.

2. Natural light improves employees’ health.

In addition to the fact that natural light via windows brings more productivity, energy and creativity to your staff, it also ensures they remain healthy.

And you know that there is no way for an unhealthy employee to be productive.

If you don’t have big enough windows in your office, then your employees are more likely to suffer from depression and feelings of melancholy surrounding their job. Additionally, lack of light can cause fatigue, eye strain, headaches and overall irritability.

None of these things are a good sign, particularly if you want to be running a productive and profitable company (which, presumably, you do).

3. Windows bring in necessary fresh air.

Similar to the above two reasons, it is essential that you choose windows that can easily be opened during the work day. You need to be able to open them in order to let fresh air inside; otherwise, the only fumes your employees will be breathing are those that are produced by their laptops.

Some of the best window styles, then, for this reason are fully reversible windows and casement windows. It’s also a good idea to try vertical sliding windows and flush tilt and turn ones.

4. Windows help us see the natural world.

All of us need to see the natural world on a daily basis, especially if we spend most of our time being productive and profitable in the concrete jungle. Without providing ourselves with the biological necessity to see the “outside,” we are severely hindering our psychological and physiological functioning, which soon affects our capability to be fruitful.

Therefore, you need to have enough windows in your office to allow your employees to catch glimpses of the outdoor world. Seeing the sunshine, even from behind a desk, instantly boosts anyone’s mood and helps to keep every worker feeling happy and confident.

When choosing the design of your office windows, make sure that you select a style that allows you to keep the shades open during the day. Additionally, introduce some plants to the office space to balance out the office technology with more natural things!

Are you looking to update the windows in your office? Do you work somewhere with atrocious window or light offerings? Let us know your stories and your thoughts about how windows affect productivity in the comments below!


Carmen Velilla is an experienced Brand Manager currently overseeing the strategic development of multiple brands as part of the Epwin Group. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing.