11 Signs You Need Heat Pump Services in Sooke, BC

Your heat pump should keep your home warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. These heating and cooling systems can run into problems, though. How do you know if it’s time for repairs? You’ll need heat pump services in Sooke, BC if your heat pump has any of the following problems.

Heat Pump Runs Constantly

Does your heat pump always seem to be running? This can cause more wear and tear than normal and drive up your energy bills. Try changing your air filter first, then schedule repairs if it still runs all the time.

Heat Pump Blows Cold Air Instead of Hot Air

Is cold air coming out of your vents when you try to heat your home? Problems with interior components in your heat pump can cause this to happen. You’ll need repairs to get your heat pump running properly again.

Energy Bills Are Higher Than Usual

Heat pumps are energy-efficient, so you shouldn’t be seeing high energy bills. If your bills are skyrocketing, this means there’s a problem with your heat pump. It might just need an air filter change, or there could be an issue with it that requires repairs.

Heat Pump Needs Frequent Repairs

Has your heat pump been acting up again and again? It might be time to replace it with a new one instead of scheduling repairs. Replacing it can make more financial sense than having it repaired multiple times.

Heat Pump Has Poor Airflow

When there doesn’t seem to be much air coming out of your vents, that’s an airflow problem. Blower motor damage or other issues can cause this to occur. Have the professionals at Sasquatch Home Services conduct repairs to get your heat pump working right.

Heat Pump Won’t Turn On

Is your heat pump not coming on at all, whether you’re trying to heat or cool your home? A bad thermostat can cause that, but so can other problems. It’s best to have a heat pump technician check your system and make repairs.

Heat Pump Makes Odd Sounds

Is your heat pump making squealing sounds, grinding noises, or other odd sounds? This can happen for a number of reasons. Professional heat pump technicians can find the cause and fix your system.

Only One Mode Works

Heat pumps heat and cool homes, but sometimes, only one mode works. If your heat pump is stuck in heating or cooling mode, it’s time for repairs. Heat pump experts can check the reversing valve and other parts to see what’s causing this to happen, then make repairs.

Heat Pump Smells Weird

Is your heat pump giving off an unusual odor when it runs? Wiring issues or electrical problems can cause burning smells. Mold growth can make it smell musty. Schedule repairs to find out what’s causing odd smells.

Heat Pump is Short-Cycling

Is your heat pump turning on and off over and over? These short cycles can increase wear and tear on your system. Short cycling can also make your energy bills higher. Have repairs as soon as possible done to stop this from happening.

Home Has Poor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality can mean that your heat pump needs a new air filter. However, other issues with your heating and cooling system can cause bad air quality as well. Heat pump professionals can determine the cause and handle any needed repairs.

Schedule Heat Pump Repairs Today

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