Closet is the place to keep your clothes and other daily usage things in a proper and organized manner. Customized closets help in serving the needs effectively. Right selection of the closet prevents wrinkled clothes or an endless search for the required accessory when you need it. This saves a lot of time and energy and makes the place look neat and organized.

Types of closets

According to the use and functionality, you will find below mentioned types of closet organizer systems:

Floor Based: 

It is commonest and the most trusted form of closet system.


This closet system comes with hanging sections, shelves, and drawers that can be effectively hung on the wall.

Combination of suspended and floor:

DMV kitchen and bath offers an effective combination system that provides enhanced flexibility. These systems look more of like a kitchen island.  They are installed in the middle of large sized walk-in closets.

Island systems:

These closets consist of shelves, drawers, and laundry hampers. The top section of this closet can be easily used for folding clothes, packing a suitcase or storing jewelry, and other forms of dressing accessories.

Places to use organizational systems

There are several places where installation of organization systems proves to be beneficial. Not just it prevents clutter and mess but also organizes your day to day essentialities.

  • Family room also needs closets to store electronics items, games, books, music CDs.
  • Laundry rooms again need organization system to keep your laundry requirements organized. You can keep iron, bottles, laundry material, ironing board, and seasonal clothing in it.
  • Storage rooms need closets to store gift wrapping, holiday decorations, etc. This will not make your items easy to locate but also look clean.
  • Businesses also require organization systems to accommodate equipment and efficiently store in office cabinets.
  • Classrooms or religious organizations need closets to store books, supplies, and files.


Closets systems offer a plethora of benefits to a house. For sophisticated and systematic arrangement of closets, you must set up a custom closet and organization systems. They are versatile and offer numerous functions to a householder. Getting a consultation with closet designers help in the best arrangement of your household things.