Growing plants indoors using a hydroponic grow tent can indeed be a profitable option for many, as you can grow crops throughout the year. In order to do so you will have to select a good tent that will suit your needs. So here are few major tips that will help you to select a good, reliable, and a long lasting growing tent for your crops.

Select a tent with a thicker fabric material

When you use grow tents with thin fabrics, they will soon tear off. This is because once you get to work with crops you will have to involve a lot of tools like hand rakes etc. As a result if they come in contact with a thin fabric material, it might punch holes in the tent and expose the plants.

Also growing tents rest on a metal frame and the upper frames support a great deal of the tent’s weight, so as a result these framework is subjected to higher tensions, the fabric covering those areas need to be particularly strong if the tent has to be durable.

So in order to prevent this using a thicker fabric material is recommended. Tent material fabric strengths are given in the units of denier, or D. Growing tents are available from 200-1680D but for home usage tents within the range 600-900D will work just fine.

Select a tent with higher inner reflection percentage

Growing tents generally have a reflective surface to reflect the light. The reflective rate can be given as a percentage ranging from 50% to 90%. The higher reflection rate means higher efficiency.

This allows plants to receive light from all directions and all the plants will be exposed to the light and not only a few plants in the middle of the tent. So make sure that you select a tent with a higher internal reflection percentage if you want to have a better yielding crop.

Choose a frame with thicker poles

Almost all growing tents are supported mainly by their frame. So having a strong metal frame is a must. So when you select a growing tent pick a tent that has thicker poles. Heavy duty steel frames are the best choice when it comes to the strength, but purchasing one will put you into lot of trouble as these metal frames are extremely heavy and hard to assemble, so heavy duty plastic frames will be a good alternative.