Security of your house is one of the most critical matters for you and you need to adapt to high end security measures for your house security. With day by day advancements in technology, there are now smart options that are available for you to enhance security of your house. Bluetooth lock box is one of the smart options for you to have perfect security of your house. It will help you to be updated about the security of your house by your mobile phone.

These boxes are also very popular at the hotels and offices where people do not like to carry the normal keys or access cards. It helps you to have storage of all your keys at one place without any difficulty. Here is a look at some of the features of the lock box:

  • One of the first and the most interesting features of the Bluetooth lock boxes is that they have great amount of storage. The lock box can be used to store a number of keys without any kind of difficulty. Some of the lock boxes can store as many 20 keys thus one Bluetooth box is enough for you to store both your office and home keys.
  • Second feature about the lock box that excites the buyers is their ease of portability. You can easily carry the lock box from one place to another. These lock boxes can be kept in your bag with ease and carried anywhere you want to go.
  • Another feature about the lock box that excites us is that it can be opened via shared control. You can easily delegate the control of lock box to more than one person so that they can have access to keys as per their needs. Especially for places such as ATM’s, Banks where the access is given to more than one person, the Real estate box Bluetooth can be a very important asset for security enhancement.
  • These lock boxes are also highly safe and secure against the external forces such as temperature, dust and falling down. The Bluetooth box is temperature safe for temperature as low as -40 degrees.
  • These boxes are battery operated so that you need not to worry about charging it time and again. One battery tends to last for as many as six months so that it is very affordable for you at the same time.
  • Another feature that makes these boxes a very smart proposition is that they do not require any internet connection for operation. Sometimes, when you live in areas where connectivity is not good, internet dependence may hurt you. Thus, these boxes are very helpful at such places as they do not require any internet connection.
  • These devices also provide you security alerts when any other user tries to access to the lock box. You will get text messages when the lock box is opened so that you are always aware about your keys and access cards.