Wine Barrels​ made of Oak wood can be easily repurposed as a part of your interior decor or to enhance the outdoor beauty. The use of Wine barrels is not only environment-friendly but it also adds a certain rustic charm to your decor. They can be easily disassembled or cut to pieces, to be used in a myriad of creative and innovative ways. An empty barrel can be converted into a useful and rustic part of your garden or backyard as furniture or in multiple other ways like planters.

As planters

The most common recycling method that’s used to utilize old Wine Barrels is using them as a planter. They can be converted into different designs of planters to enhance the beauty of your backyard. The most common way is using halves as planters for flowers or edible plants. They can be easily compartmentalized to act as a bunch of pots for your plants or you can cut a barrel in half and use it as a bed for your plants. You can also use it as a tree pot.

As an outdoor Bar

You can easily have the outdoor Bar you were thinking of adding to your backyard by using a couple of empty Wine Barrels. You just need to remove the middle metal bands after that you should scrub and clean the barrel then stain and varnish it. After drying refit the metal bands and you have a usable wine barrel in your hands. Use two of these to act as legs and attach a table top and voila you have an outdoor bar setup that just needs bottles and glasses.

As Cooler

A Wine Barrel is an excellent Drink’s Cooler. All you need to do is, cut it in half and use the lower portion with a little bit of insulation to act as a cooler but don’t forget to fill it with ice. You can add a tap at the bottom to make it easy to use.

Other ideas

  • As a Swing – you can use the planks of a Wine Barrel to create a Swing that can be attached to the basic structure to make an enjoyable ride for your kids. You can also make a bench out of these planks and make a Bench Swing.
  • Fire pit – A beautiful Fire Pit can be made using a Wine Barrel, along with a circular table top to enhance your convenience. A wine barrel can also be used as a Barbeque Smoker.
  • Table, Stools and Chairs – A Wine Barrel Table, Stool or Chair can be of many varieties and designs like a bar stool, rocking chairs, side tables, etc. It’s a worthy addition to your backyard.
  • Water sink – you will need a big barrel for this with a Sink fitted on top and both the inlet and outlet pipes, fitted inside the barrel. You can add a storage space as well by dividing the interior of the barrel into two parts.
  • Parking Rack for bicycle – This is an innovative way of using a wine barrel. You can create spaces to accommodate and support the front wheel of your bicycle in the empty Wine Barrel. Set it up in your backyard by burying a little part of the barrel that’s opposite the space created by you, thereby creating an outdoor parking rack for a few bicycles.

There is no limit to the ways of using an empty Wine Barrel. All you need is your creativity to create a functional and beautiful piece suitable to your backyard. You can also buy furniture from professional furniture makers like Hungarian Workshop to get a flawless and unique handcrafted piece of furniture.

Author’s Bio:

This Guest Post has been written by James Sherer. Balazs Moldovan, started the company Hungarian Workshop in a bid to make beautiful, unique, and handcrafted furniture and other pieces accessible to his customers. The products are made by recycling Wine Barrels or Whiskey Barrels. The Hungarian Workshop is considered to be pioneers and masters of Wine/Whiskey barrel furniture making. Please visit their website to browse or order from their collection.