Many of you may need to extend your present house for your additional needs due to various reasons. Extension could turn out to be a very costly project, if you do not plan it in proper manner. Here in this article we shall provide few tips by which you can reduce the cost of your project.

  1. Extension design must be simple

If you incorporate various irregular shaped curves and corners in your design then it may be little costlier to build. On the other hand, designing with rectangular or square corner with simple roof you can save lots of money. Also, prefer to have standard size of doors and windows so that you do not need to make any customized items for your extension project. Prefer to use readily available construction materials instead of choosing any special kind of material to give a different look.

  1. Prefer to use DIY option if possible

Major cost involved in any construction project is labor cost and hence if you can take up some of the work yourself (if possible), then it can lead to considerable saving of your money. In case, you choose DIY option for any part of activities in your extension project, you must use right kind of tool so that it should appear to be done by any professional.

As an example, if you prefer to do certain woodwork yourself, make sure that you can give good finish to your work. Therefore, you must use right kind of tools that are used by professionals. In order to source right kind of DIY tools for any kind of work, you may visit the website and get the information.

  1. Manage the project yourself

Usually, any building contractor may charge you 15 to 20 per cent extra of the total material and labor cost. Therefore, if you manage the project yourself and procure various construction materials and also coordinate with the architect and local authorities etc. then you can easily save this money. All you need to do his hire the labor of various areas of expertise and manage them.

  1. Inform your neighbor well in advance

By informing your neighbors about your extension plan in writing much before you start your project, you can get their written consent and save the cost of surveyor.

  1. Avoid cowboys

Generally, many cowboy builders offer very low estimate to grab your order and then demand more money later. You should not hire any builder without verifying with a reference.

  1. Avoid changes in design

While designing, you must take little extra time to see all the pros and cons and after that you stick to your design. If you make frequent changes in design during construction, it may increase the cost.

  1. Reuse, recycle and repair if necessary

Many items can be repaired and reused in your extension project, instead of buying any new one. This can save your cost substantially.

  1. Negotiate

While buying construction material try to do research in the market to know the price trend. This will help you to negotiate the price of material while buying.