Inspiration for the design of the garden, although there are many available on magazines, garden-related websites, will not be enough in the spring and summer. Therefore, today we have brought you another book of ideas about the park – packed with lots of interesting suggestions, inviting interest and easy care and easy to apply outdoors.

  1. Simple and clear design

You want to make your garden look modern, clear and neat? Then you should apply a clear design language with lots of straight lines and firm angles, no frills and arranging flower beds, pathways, lawns and terraces in harmony with the design language.

  1. Placement of flower plants

Every gardener wants a beautiful atmosphere where all the flowers bloom perfectly for the garden, but the location of the flower placement does not always play exactly. Whether on the north side of the house wall or under the shade of high objects – often making the flowers do not get the sunlight they need. Fortunately, there are many plants that feel above in the shade. For example, foxglove, cyclamen, Bergenia and heart lilies that can bloom beautifully without much sun.

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  1. Fill the terrace with vines

To make the roof look lively, leafy and beautiful, climbing plants offer solutions that in a short time can provide a beautiful scenic backdrop.

  1. Scandinavian style for outdoor areas

Scandinavian style is not only applied to interior design only, but can be applied very well for outdoor area. Main tips: use lots of white and light-colored wood, clean lines, comfortable plants and texture fabrics.

  1. Lighting for the garden

Garden paths with sufficient lighting are not only practical and indispensable for security, but also a great element for creating an atmosphere in the park. Depending on the style in the area outside your home, you can decide to use classic or super modern lights, playful romantic, Mediterranean, rustic or puristic and complete the look of your outdoor area in harmony. Click here you will find a lot of inspiration on this topic.

  1. Seating around the tree

You’re suggested to make a cozy place under the shade of large trees: A long bench that really surrounds a tree trunk may invite you to linger and relax in the hot summer days.

  1. Terrace with bed

Something different from the usual flower garden is not only placed in the garden, but can be placed on the center of the terrace as well.

  1. Make fireflies for different ambiance

Relive your childhood memories with a bottle of fireflies; use bottles and fill with solar lights. It can conjure up a romantic atmosphere to park in any style.

Hopefully this article can give you an insight about how to make a beautiful garden that’s able to bring the big comfort in your home.