Windows add an extra charm and brightness to the beauty of our home. They maximize a home’s aesthetic appeal and give them a unique look.

There are wide range of windows available in the market in terms of style and sizes. NeuFenster provide specialty window styles which are new in the market and are unique in their own way. These are the 4 main factors that are needed to be considered when selecting a window for home:


The quality of building materials differ from brand to brand. The same rule works on windows too. Some people go for premium quality window by paying huge amount of money but for others it is beyond their reach. In simple words, the higher the quality, the higher the initial price tag.

A home is a place where one will stay for many years to come. So, always go for the best quality products in order to get long-term savings. Quality is one of the important factors to consider while selecting windows for your home.


Windows play a vital role in providing natural light and ventilation to a home. People should look for Casement windows as they are the best option for home because of their wider opening, thus they provide better air circulation. Also, greater glass area is the medium for letting in maximum daylight and adds the necessary brightness to your home. 

People should also keep in mind regarding the performance of windows in long run like they should be free from rust issues and also takes care of UV-related problems.


Design of your window should add to the beauty of your house, so it is very necessary to spend enough time in going through designs and finalize on a window that best suits the plan of your house. Pointless to say, double-hung windows are classic and timeless designs which most of the people go for. To be unique, one can use picture windows that are somewhat matching to the outdoor views.

According to a home’s exterior design, one should decide whether to install a rectangle, square or oval window. Keeping architectural parameters in mind, decide regarding the design of windows.


People often forget to explore regarding the warranties and mostly this happens after spotting a dream style window design. One should keep in mind the difference between a good purchase and a great purchase. Hence always ask regarding the warranty periods. Some companies offer lifetime warranty while others offer for 10 to 20 years.

Some companies offer warranty on different parts such as glass seal, frame, hardware, or moving parts so to be on a safer side take everything on written.

So, these are the 4 main factors which everyone should consider before taking any final decision on selecting windows for their dream home.